quarta-feira, 6 de fevereiro de 2013

Holding Our Breath

It's one of the best EP's in history, from my point of view. Also, it was released by one of the best bands in history.
I cannot express how much I love Slowdive, in a very personal point of view. One of the people on earth I cherish and love the most has given me their debut LP, and it has had a much more personal meaning ever since. This ep was included in it.
Also, I cannot tell you how much the lyrics and the video has made reached me in a very moving way. I personally like all of the albums better than the EP's because song like "Country Rain" and "Machine Gun" and "Celia's Dream" are not part of an EP. Anyway, this one is beautiful.
A cover of Syd Barrett's song "Golden Hair", originally written by James Joyce and took from one of his poems named also "Golden Hair", is also on the EP. Naturally, I find Slowdive's version better, not only because it sounds like it came directly from a dream, but also because of Rachel Goswell's beautiful and alluring vocals. But what's the funniest is that when I first listened to the song, I really thought it sounded like a Slowdive song, the lyrics mainly. Their lyrics have always had a very poetic characteristic and a bit of literacy.
Not to mention how in love I am with the video from Shine, which expresses all that I am about and all that I dream about: a long and beautiful field of flowers and running freely without any cares or fears.
There is something about Slowdive that makes me want to walk for hours, listening to their songs, with no absolute purpose other than walking all alone with your earphones on. Or maybe go on trip by train to anywhere, because usually I listen to Slowdive (and Galaxie 500) when I'm on a train.
I guess Slowdive give you that sudden will to travel, psychologically or physically, as in a dream.

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  1. Slowdive were one of the most amazing bands from the 90's underground scene. And it's indeed that they sounded so close to a dream. Their songs make a relaxing mood just like if you were in a dream or something breezing. It's like an hallucination you can't get yourself off till it ends; and when it ends you want it again like a drug. I'm ashamed I didn't knew "Golden Hair" was write by an Irish poet, James Joyce. Both Syd Barrett's and Slowdive's versions are simply breezing and awesome.
    About Rachel, her voice, her eyes, herself are like a dream,haha.