terça-feira, 3 de julho de 2012

The Echoes of the Bunnymen

I have GREAT news to all of you, my loving readers.
Last Saturday night I went to see Echo & the Bunnymen live, expecting to see a closer glimpse of Ian McCulloch and Will Sargeant, maybe a guitar pick or a setlist (which I did), and, guess what? I met Ian McCulloch himself!
The show was amazing, although many people complained about how 'they were disappointed' and how 'Ian wasn't in shape' and how 'the had seen better days for that band'. I've got one thing to the people who saw them live and didn't like them: Echo and the Bunnymen are over 30 years old, Ian McCulloch is 53 and so is Will (I think so), they don't have to be in shape and it's normal that they're not, although I think Mac is still able to give a very good show! Anyway, these words were said by youngster (curiously, older people than me).
Songs like 'The Cutter', 'Bring On The Dancing Horses', 'The Killing Moon' and 'Lips Like Sugar' (to summon everything up, the main singles and popular songs) were the highlight of the night, when everybody went crazy and danced and jumped and sang as loud as they could (I know I did). 'Going Up', 'Do It Clean' 'All My Colours' and 'Over the Wall' were also part of the setlist, as well as 'Nothing Lasts Forever', 'Stormy Weather'. Personally, I was wishing badly that they would play 'Stars are Stars', 'Bluer Skies' and 'Higher Hell', to be honest, I did want them to play more songs from 'Porcupine'.  Maybe next time I'll get a little more luck on the setlist!
Once the concert was over, I waited everyone else to leave the place and then I watched the staff packing everything up. There was one boy in particular that caught my attention (didn't know if he was portuguese or not, so I started talking to him in english), and I decided that I should ask him if Ian McCulloch would sign some stuff. So, I shouted at him: «Hey, call Ian!». There was still music playing, so he didn't hear me quite right, and I had to negotiate properly with him if I wanted to meet Ian. So, I shouted again: «Hey, if you call Ian, I'll give you a kiss!!». The young boy was quite surprised as soon as I promised that, but he got closer to me and I repeated what I promised before. I also asked him if he was english (he nodded). Then, he told me to go to some kind of line and to wait right there, and so I did.
Twenty minutes (or so) later, my turn was arriving to get to know Mac himself!! I was so excited, I could only stare at him (although I didn't know if he was staring at me too because, once again, he was wearing his sunglasses, even though it was at night). He saw me with a generous amount of cd's and stuff that he'd sign up and was quite surprised: «That's a lot material you've got there!». He also liked my camera, don't know why, since it's not that special, but he said he never saw mine in any store.
Ian McCulloch was so so gentle and polite to me, he thanked me for going to the gig, but I told him he didn't have to thank me because I'd do anything to go anyway! I also apologised because he had to sign a lot of stuff, but he was kind and it didn't bother him. And then, after taking pictures and a small chit-chat, I have had the courage to do something that usually I wouldn't, all the hesitance and shyness were erased from my brain and I asked him for a kiss. He wasn't expecting such request, he kind of was surprised, but then, he gave me a little kiss on the cheek, which made my whole week. I guess what media usually says about him is a complete lie (even though he told me that Echo and the Bunnymen was the best band in the world). He's a very kind person and really sweet, at least he was to me!

This is the epic picture of me and Ian McCulloch. Please do ignore my face!

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